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Consultancy Services

Our consulting services aim to improve your business efficiency and functionality through providing services as auditors, and can aid in strategic planning for the future






Management Services

We offer to remove the inconvenience of managing your own IT systems and infrastructure, so you can focus on your business. We can manage:

      • Your IT Assets
      • IT Infrastructure
      • Software applications
      • Cloud Apps
      • Disaster recovery processes



Implementation Services

At Q7Technology, we can implement and support a large variety of applications to streamline business processes such as:

      • HR Management
      • Financial software

We can implement a wide variety of infrastructure systems such as:

      • On-Premise to Cloud
      • Networking
      • Servers

Consultancy services


In the information age, there are many threats to your business, however not all of these are external threats. Sometimes, a business' biggest enemy is it's own infrastructure. At Q7Technology, we offer an auditing service to make sure your business systems are operating at maximal efficiency, and therefore your business is working at optimum level.

Strategic planning

We aim to help you achieve your goals as a business. We hope to achieve this by cooperatively forming a plan for your business' future and growth, and the changes in your IT Infrastructure



Infrastructure planning

As your company grows, so will your IT needs. At Q7Technology, we offer solutions and aid in planning, therefore future proofing your company and setting it up to prosper in the future



Management services

Infrastructure management

Don't get caught up managing your IT infrastructure and lose time on improving and growing your business. Q7Technology will manage these systems and remove the inconvenience of managing your infrastructure.



Asset life cycle management

Every asset has it's useful life. That's why, here at Q7Technology, we believe you should get the most value out of every asset. We can manage your IT assets to make sure your assets operate at maximum efficiency and at a sustainable rate, to maximise the useful life span of your asset.

Software and Cloud Support

With experience in Windows servers, Azure, AWS and Linux, Q7Technology is well equipped to aid you when it comes to server and cloud support.

Q7Technology can also manage and optimise software applications used by you and your business.

Disaster Recovery 

Here at Q7Technology, we believe a disaster is no reason to panic, as we plan for the worst case scenario, and provide services to ensure you are protected in case of emergency. We will help you create and rehearse a Disaster Recover Plan(DRP) that's customised to your needs.


Implementation Services


Q7Technology cares about the productivity and profitability of your business. That's why we provide services to automate certain processes within your business to eliminate time wasting and inefficient resource consumption.


Your information is valuable. At Q7Technology, we recognise the invaluable nature of your data, and aim to protect it from external and internal threats through the use of security software, from Endpoint Protection and SIEM to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems.

Business systems and applications

Q7Technology is experienced in many business suites and applications, which aim to speed up key business processes, while also removing the need for paper based systems.

We are experienced in implementing programs to improve HR processes and other administrative tasks crucial to the day to day of any business

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